Thursday, 6 December 2012

What to do if you want to take part...

Here's a quick refresher on the three things you need to do....apologies for the laziness, this is an email I've sent out to a few folk but theres no point in not putting it up here as it's pretty helpful!

First, read this and make sure we've explained the rules properly

Next, read this and fill out the spreadsheet in the link...

Once that is done, download your 'scorecard' here

If you have a comparative score (i.e. past 2 year lists from the patch) you can stick them into copies of the scorecard and average them to come up with your comparative score. If, like you say, you're averages are unrealistic, then just post what you reckon will be a realistic score.

A word of warning, the scorecard does not like apostrophes - if you have any problems entering particular birds you can select them from the dropdown menu or copy and past them in from the 'list' tab of the spreadsheet.

If you want to make a map to send in, or are concerned that your patch may be too large, there are some great mapping tools here

If you have any issues drop us a line....

Good luck with the patches!

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