Sunday, 9 December 2012

Ireland - probably the most competitive mini league!

The second post in our series introducing the patches takes us over the Irish Sea. Despite much moaning coming from Galley Head about how rare long-tailed tits are and that they deserve more than one point in Ireland (he see's thousands of Cory's per year, an easy six points so no sympathy!) a fantastic five patches have been submitted so far. All coastal, all with huge potential and good birds behind them this could be a close run thing, will it be a yank or gank year?

You can find the Galley Head patch here and now to introduce the others, Tralee, Kilmore Quay, The Mullet and Blackditch. Below are the maps for Tralee and Blackditch. A nice mix there with two in the south west, one in the north west and two in the east coast. Good luck guys, I hope you get your long-tailed tits!

The Mullet local patch

Blackditch local patch

Tralee local patch

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