Monday, 3 December 2012


Things are really picking up pace with the patchwork challenge now. We're applying the last few tweaks to the spreadsheet, so soon it should be available. We were going to email it to everyone, but that seems far too much like hard work, so instead we'll put a link on the blog and keep you all posted as to when it has gone up.

In the meantime can we trouble you for a few minutes of your time? To make things a little easier for us, it would be grand if you could help us with a bit of 'personal patch' info...

In the spreadsheet (URL is at the bottom of the post in case there are issues with the link) would you be able to update any of the first three columns with any details we may have missed?

We could also do with some info in the following columns...

If your patch is inland, stick a Y in the inland column.

If you have a blog/website you'd like us to provide a link for, please paste an address in the appropriate cell.

If you will be able to post a comparative score (i.e. an average score from the 2 previous years please place a Y in the comparative score column - when we have put the  scoring spreadsheet up it can be updated again with the score.

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