Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Global Patchwork

Check out Richard Gregsons brilliant Green Birding site.

Here, Richard encourages birders to approach their hobby in a more ecologically sustainable manner, and shows that there are many advantages to birding with a reduced carbon footprint. I could go on about it all here but there is a lot at Green Birding so instead, I'll thoroughly recommend you go and have a look yourself!

Richard has decided to take on the PWC format and make it applicable to North American birders by adapting the scoring system (using ABA codes) and slightly modifying the patch size rules - but essentially, the PWC foramt is going global! There's no reason at all why this can't be adopted in other countries too - all you need is a means of dividing species up into different rarity (and therefore points) levels.

We wish Richard very good luck with promoting this on the other side of the pond, and hope that it becomes an annual fixture over there (as we hope it does over here, too!) Hopefully Richard will be along in the future to tell us how things are developing!

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