Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Inland Scotland - 2 century scores - one centurian

Chris P leads the way with the scores with 100 points or more, nice work and he also leads the way in the mini mini mini league with Graeme G. Sean holds a healthy lead in the comparative league allthough it is tight between Chris, Graeme, Andy and Alastair for the other podium places. With spring hardly reaching the north in April I'm sure this will be a wee bit different come the end of May.

Inland Scotland
1Chris PendleburyKinneil9110375.18248
2Chris PendleburyDunblane area9210091.74312
3Sean MorrisKinloch7492112.1951
4Graeme GSkinflats Lagoons839181.98198
5David DouglasInner Tay Estuary7386N/A
6Alastair IrvineWhiteford727684.44444
7Andy CageKilmany687079.54545
8Ali ShuttleworthCullaloe NR5758N/A
9Graeme BuchananBoghall515472
10Andy DowseComrie area4244N/A
11Brian PArthurs Seat3839N/A
12Bob/Audrey TurnerMilton Wood2930N/A
13Ben DDunblane with baby in tow00N/A
14David HorsburghDams at Darnley 00N/A
15Simon PinderTaynuilt000
Inland Scotland
1Sean MorrisKinloch7492112.1951
2Chris PendleburyDunblane area9210091.74312
3Alastair IrvineWhiteford727684.44444
4Graeme GSkinflats Lagoons839181.98198
5Andy CageKilmany687079.54545
6Chris PendleburyKinneil9110375.18248
7Graeme BuchananBoghall515472
8Simon PinderTaynuilt000

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