Thursday, 20 February 2014

Coastal East Anglia Minileague - January

Tim Hodge not only leads the way in the coastal East Anglia mini league but is the national front runner too. Not only that he has an impressive BirdTrack record so far too! Its a close fight for second and third as north coast Norfolk ties with east coast Suffolk. Best find so far this month has to go to Tommy Corcoran when he stumbled across a Glossy Ibis in a park in Great Yarmouth, a very handy 12 points early in the year. Gary Elton also had a nice find in the shape of a Black Brant while skuas and grebes comprised of many of the other highlights in the region, while Richard Moores found an unseasonal Black Restart at Happisburgh.

Gary White, prize winner from PWC2013, leads the comparative league at this early stage as he approaches 50%. I'm sure this league will see many changes in the coming months, especially a fall from 2nd for Hemsby. A cold snap, or spring would be very welcome to most of us I'm sure you will all agree!


  1. 12 points for Glossy Ibis? I misunderstood scoring system , thought it was 4 for the bird + 4 for the find. Changed score to 8 on the scoresheet thinking it was an error.

  2. Yup, 6 for a self found 3 pointer, 12 for a 4 pointer and 15 for a 5 pointer. It will be time to enter your fen scores soon so amend then. James

    1. Thanks for clarification James, will do.