Tuesday, 18 February 2014

London Minileague - January

Nick Croft at Rainham and Adam Bassett at Little Marlow head up the London minileague, tied on 89 points. Nick even manages to sneak third at Wanstead. Highlights around the capital were few and far between with Water Rail and Peregrine at the top of a small looking pile.

Jason Reynold's flying start has him top of the London comparative league with 67.7%. 1.9% seperates 2nd-5th with Tom Stevenson and Michael Terry falling in the top 3 in second and third respectively.


  1. I thought that Ring-billed Gull and 2 Sibe Chiffs were pretty good finds - surely ahead of Peregrine and Water Rail...........RBG record shots here: http://littlemarlowgp.blogspot.co.uk/2014/01/ring-billed-beauty.html
    Keep up the good work guys - always an interesting read.

  2. Ooops, sorry Adam they slipped through our gaze! Nice work and a great start to the year for you.