Saturday, 1 February 2014

PWC 2014 prizes - the BirdTrack Birdrace

You may have noticed that here at PWC we are big fans of what the BTO does! As such it's fantastic to be able to announce that, as BirdTrack partners, the BTO have very kindly donated a signed copy of the new Atlas as a prize to the winner of the BirdTrack Birdrace. Thanks!

Data submitted to BirdTrack is a key feature of the Atlas, and we think that the ethic of PWC (repeated monitoring of a perhaps less covered space) sits very comfortably with BirdTrack. The Atlas makes use of these data to provide a valuable snapshot - the state of every species of bird in Britain and Ireland - which will be an essential resource to birders and conservationists alike for years to come (at least till the next Atlas)!

On top of all that, it's a really beautiful, lavishly produced book that it's as pleasant to browse through as it is to reference. I'm sure the winner of the BirdTrack Birdrace will be delighted to add this to their (possibly in need of reinforcement) bookshelf.

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