Friday, 31 January 2014

PWC 2014 prizes - the overall comparative league winner

The winner of the overall comparative score league will win a £50 voucher, kindly donated by NHBS. All birders love bird books (some a little too much, according to my better half...), so we're confident that this will be a very well received prize!

Of course, there's so much more to NHBS than bird books alone, so whether it's spent on the latest ID guide, mothing equipment, or sound recording equipment, it'll go a long way toward enhancing your enjoyment of your patch - or at the very least, adding a bit of weight to those no doubt already straining bookshelves!

It's worth mentioning here that as well as selling you things, often at reduced prices, NHBS review many of the books they stock, and also support a number of worthy causes - see here to find out more - and please help out in any way that you can!

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