Monday, 27 January 2014

Helping House martins

Thanks to all those who took part last year, and of course, to the generous support of Meopta and Forest Optic, we were able to generate £314 to donate to the BTO's 'Out of Africa' appeal. This work has furthered our knowledge of the migratory and wintering ecology of cuckoos considerably -  and following the progress of Patch, the cuckoo named after the Patchwork Challenge, was not only great fun last year, but a real eye opener into the distances travelled by these birds and the remarkable speed with which some of the longer journeys were made.It was fascinating stuff.

This year, we are again in a position to make a contribution of £1 for every species seen on PWC 2014, this time thanks to those good people at Bresser and Forest Optic. The Out of Africa appeal is not running any more, so instead, we have decided that the monies raised will be donated to support the BTOs work on House Martins.

House martins are in decline in the UK, with data suggesting that the long term decline in numbers might be to the tune of 66% - so it's clear that some effort is needed to conserve this charismatic bird on both its breeding and wintering grounds. We're delighted to be able to support this project (Mark especially - it's one of his favourite birds!) and we hope you think it's worthwhile to. If you do, please consider helping out by making a donation.

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