Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Wales 2013 Minileague

The results are in and Steve Stansfield has won by a landslide in the points league with an outstanding 310 species. Ben Porter leapfrogs Mathew Meehan to make it a Bardsey Top 2. Further down Julian Hughes managed to split Henry Cooks twin patches of Conwy and Little Orme with his own efforts at Conwy. Elsewhere things remain the same. Well done to all involved... I wonder if anyone can make inroads into Bardsey's dominance?

Congratulations to Marc Hughes with a superb score of 152%. Henry Cook took him close with his Conwy patch finishing on 148%. All the remaining positions have remained the same since November but a closely fought league with no scores under 90%. Five 100 percenters this year - hopefully next year will be equally successful in Wales.

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