Tuesday, 21 January 2014

PWC 2013 - the national winners - Comparative and Non-comparative.

The comparative score table has always been the main aim of PWC and it was always going to be a bit hit or miss on the first year, the whole top 20 managed over 120% through increased effort rather than a low predicted score, or at least that is the case for myself and Mark who both finished with nigh on 130%. Congratulations to Gary White who posted 160% to win, a combination of an excellent year for scarcities and increased effort as the PWC bug kicked in. Roger Musgrove and Marc Hughes made up the top 3 and were the only others to pass 150%. 2014 should see this league become even more competitive as we all use the 2013 score to aim for.

Matthew Meehan flys the flag for Wales in the non-comparative league, thanks in no small part to finding a stunning Penduline Tit. East Anglia make up the next two spots with Rob W and Craig Fultcher finding more species than Matt but falling just short in the points. Well done Matthew, a great effort.

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