Thursday, 23 January 2014

Ireland 2013 Minileague

A national league is quite something and making the competition truly international is the Ireland Minileague. As such Owen Foley should be delighted with being the champion of Ireland or something like that. In all seriousness a great effort and a massive score worthy of securing the leaders jersey. Dave Suddaby's excellent autumn at Blacksod clinches second spot whilst Colin Barton's slackness when it comes to monthly submissions sees him claim a surprise third place for Galley Head. Niall Keogh has to be content with a respectable fourth despite being in second place for much of the year. The only other change of places involves a late climb into 7th by Tom M at Kilmore Quay.

The Ireland Comparative winner is Owen Foley and he becomes our second double winner with a giant score of 145%. The rest of the places stay static with the exception of dark horse Colin climbing into 4th and joining the 100 club with a final score of 114%. Alan Lauder's excellent year at Carrick Mountain with flyover Little Egret and last gasp Med Gull deserves praise for perseverance and we are hoping that more patches of this type take part in 2014 and this highlights where the comparative scoring comes into its own. Third place on Rathlin is Neal Warnock just climbing on to the podium ahead of the crowd.

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