Friday, 3 January 2014

Entrants details.

We have created a new page showing an interactive spreadsheet with peoples entry details as it has come to our attention that there was no confirmation for people once they have entered the form. I have also worked up a masterlist and there are a few queries with various entries - usually that I cant find where their patch is located or if it is by the sea for minileagues sake. We are also not sure we have a complete list of Next Gen Birders for their minileague. In one case somebody has omitted their name and there are also a few other issues. If you could check your submission HERE and let us know of any issues with your entry by email that would be great. For clarification here are the minileagues as they stand:

Next Generation Birders
Coastal Scotland
Inland Scotland
Coastal North
Inland North
South West
South Coast
Coastal East Anglia
Inland East Anglia

These are subject to change with regard geography and accuracy isnt necessarily the main issue - somewhere like inland Gloucestershire would likely go down as midlands where as an estuarine site in the same county would perhaps be south-west at the moment. Inland home county sites tend to get lumped into London at present. You can be in up to three minileagues - Next Gen Birders for Under 25s (make sure you get involved in their Facebook Group) and Inland as well as your geographic location.

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