Tuesday, 21 January 2014

South West 2013 Minileague

Kev Rylands had this one wrapped up from a good way out but a strong showing from Paul Bowerman managed to cut the gap to 23 species and a mere(?!) 56 points. Marcus Lawson overtook Dick Best at the last to claim 5th. Peter Hazlewood failed to add to his score allowing Shaun Robson capitalise. Dan Chaney managed to outstrip Derek Julian to make the top 10.

Roger Musgrove has led from a long way out and held on despite a late charge from Marcus Lawson. Dan Chaney keeps hold of third place to complete the podium. Positions remain the same further down with Paul Bowerman being the final addition to the hundred club. A great effort all round. Can Roger hold on for a second year in 2014?

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