Thursday, 23 January 2014

Coastal Scotland 2013 Minileague

With not a point added amongst the Top 3 it is as you were in Coastal Scotland with John Bowler on Tiree, leading Rob Fray at Virkie and Gary Bell at Sumburgh who complete the podium. Both Chris H and Ali Shuttleworth manage to climb a place in December to claim 14th and 17th respectively. 

With not a position change in the table it is no surprise that Barrie Hamill's exceptional 132% held off this parishes finest, Mark Lewis. John Bowler holds on to third in what was a very tight league. Chris H and Adrew Whitehouse are the final members of the hundred club with nine patches scoring 100% or more.

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  1. Hi,

    In the results for 2013 you've muddled up my scores I think. Old Nisthouse, which will now be in the Inland Scotland mini league had a score of 128 (I forgot the find points for tristis) from 104 species. I did send that in.

    I didn't send in the update for Birsay I think, which is coastal Scotland, 121 points from 93 species for 2013.

    Both sites had 144 points the previous year I think.

    For 2014 I'll only enter with the Inland Scotland site Old Nisthouse, makes things simpler. My not sending in monthoy scores hasn't helped, will do better this year.