Wednesday, 22 January 2014

South Coast 2013 Minileague

The autumn of Andy Johnson's dreams with find after find including the Meopta and Forest winning Semipalmated Plover secured a well deserved victory on the South Coast. It was never really in doubt but the 102 point margin is impressive. Ian Roberts failed to add to his score in December nearly letting Liam Curson into silver. In the end Samphire Hoe was superior to Cuckmere Haven but only by three points. Adam Faiers climbs one place to fourth whilst Cameron Bespolkas score was good enough to secure fifth place. Joost Brandsma finishes 6th slipping a place whilst the bottom two remain as you were.

The comparative league is as you were with Liam winning comfortably. Ian Roberts failed to add points in December and is left high and dry on 99% for the year. Maybe in 2014 Ian? Well done to all who took part and here is hoping the South Coast leagues are a touch more competitive this year.

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