Monday, 20 January 2014

PWC 2013 - the national winners - Total Species and Points

I'm sure most of you have seen the Birdguides webzine with the final top 20s here but we thought it best have a quick round up here too.

The good people at Birdguides have generously provided prizes for the best comparative and non-comparative scores, the best inland score, and the best points per bird (ppb) score. The winners will receive subscriptions to Birdguides Bird News Extra service, but before we announce the winners of those, let’s have a look at who came out on top in terms of pure numbers.

Congratulations to Simon Chidwick at Cromer who amassed over 200 species! I never though that 200 species would be reached in such a small area so it truly is a great record. His neighbouring patch at Weybourne almost managed the same feat as Moss Taylor finished on 198 species. James Brown completed an East Anglia 1,2,3 while Kev Rylands and Ian Mills ensured the South West and North East made it into the top 5.

Moss and Simon swap places in the points table with Moss finishing 10 points ahead. The rest of the top 5 had a Celtic feel with Owen Foley not too far  behind Simon in third, Steve Stansfield flew the flag for Wales in 4th and John Bowler was the Scottish top patch in 5th. The Best Find winner Andy Johnson was the only other 300+ score as he finished 6th.

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