Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Inland East Anglia Minileague - January

The inland East Anglia mini league is led by two PWC2013 big hitters as Jamie Wells and Ben Lewis lead the way again, both breaking the 100 point barrier already. Jamie leads by 7 points, thanks in part to finding a Great White Egret, a very handy 6 points. Highlights had the usual wintery feel with wildfowl and divers mentioned on several patches and Mealy Redpolls a welcome find for Nick Moran and Nick Robinson. Ben Rackshaw may be a newcomer but he has had a great start to PWC with two patch ticks, Scaup and Water Rail.

Not so easy for Ben and Jamie in the comparative table as there great 2013 see's them playing catch up this year. Mark Nowers has had a great January and already past 70% with Steve Swinney and Nick Watmough not too far behind in the top 3. The next 9 patches are separated by less than 10% so I can see this being another league to keep a close eye on as the year marches on....

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