Monday, 3 February 2014

PWC 2014 prizes - The BirdGuides collection

Once again we are delighted to announce that PWC 2014 will be supported by those lovely people at Birdguides! It was great to be able to publish our monthly summaries on the site last year, and its going to be great to be able to do the same again this year, along with the added bonus of publishing a few monthly  'patch diaries' from selected patches. Last year PWC certainly benefited from all of Birdguides support - lets hope that Birdguides readers benefited from our articles!

Not only have Birdguides kindly provided a platform for us to spread the good word of PWC, but they have also been generous enough to repeat their donation of 4 (four!) Bird News Extra subscriptions for the winners of the various top 20s - well worth the £40 they each retail at!

Bird News extra subscriptions will be awarded to the winners of:

  • The best comparative score league
  • The best non-comparative score league
  • The best inland score
  • The best points per bird score
Plenty to play for! It's worth mentioning here that PWC would not be the size and success it is today if it wasn't for the help of Birdguides in 2013. If you don't win a subscription, buy one! And please report any interesting sightings to them as well - Birdguides does it's very best to be as good as we allow it to be!

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