Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Inland Scotland October Minileague

Aside from Ali Shuttleworth's Pectoral Sandpiper at Cullaloe there weren't any three pointers (or better) added to the Inland Scotland points tallies but despite this there has been a big shake up in the standings. Firstly the realisation on our part that Rum is an Island and thus Sean Morris was in the wrong league (cheers to Sean for his honesty) and the Mourning Dove should trouble the coastal minileague rather than here meant that most bumped up a place. The bigger change was Chris Pendlebury losing his ascendancy with his local rival, Graeme Garner, claiming top spot but with only six points in it a rogue Richard's Pipit could change it all round. Ali's Pec ensures he leapfrogs Andy Cage at Kilmany into 5th.

Despite the changes in the points table the comparative table remains static except for the loss of Sean M from top spot. Graeme G takes over the top spot with a 19% lead. No new additions to the 100% club this month but there is still time for Chris P and Alastair Irvine to get there.