Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Coastal East Anglia Minileague - July

Tim Hodge extends his lead to fifty points and I think we can safely say we know who is going to win this particular minileague on points. James Brown in second had a quiet month with only a single addition but the movement came further down with Gary Elton outstripping Gary White and moving into third place. Toby Collett's Lesser Yellowlegs at Frampton meant he moved into fifth ahead of Kieran Nixon despite Kieran's Woodchat Shrike. Tommy Corcoran managed to withstand a little pressure from Ryan with an ace in the pack in the form of the Breydon Great Knot. There were no other changes of position but Ted P's Long-tailed Skua on the beach at Winterton certainly warrants a mention.

The comparative league table is comparatively the same with no changes in postion leaving Nick Andrews top on 95.7%. Gary White is only 2% back before a big drop to Craig Fulcher on 79%.

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