Monday, 18 August 2014

South Coast Minileague - July

It's a close run thing at the top on the south coast, with only 4 points and 1 species separating 1st and 2nd place - Adam Faiers is 1 species behind but 4 points ahead of Andy Johnson - who of course last year won the Best find competition . After Andy theres a bit of a gap (a mere 46 points) to Harry Ramm in 3rd, who may well find himself being challenged for this position by Joost Brandsma.

Adam is also out in from in the comparative league, and being 28% ahead of Chris Powell in 2nd, so quite possibly an unassailable position already! Adam Johnson shows the downside of scoring mega's - great fun of course but they don't half make your comparative score difficult to live up to the next year. I wonder if now he would trade the immense thrill, kudos, and free binoculars for a slightly more achievable comparative score...;-)

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