Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Inland North Minileague - July

Ahhh, the most hotly contested and controversial mini-league! I'll steer clear of all the thin ice and simply report the cold, hard numbers. Darren Starkey continues to dominate with two of his patches in the top three, and pretty firmly so, being 43 points ahead of fourth place. It's nip and tuck in fourth and fifth between Andy Bunting and Tom Lowe. If we could award points for BirdTrack records then Andy would have it in the bag - but Tom does keep pulling out black storks and the like...

James Common is the first to surpass the 100% mark, but it's very gratifying to see two PWC team members in second and third. Good to see that admin is not getting in the way of the actual patch birding.

On a completely unrelated topic, it's great to see that BirdTrack use in this region is up to 50%  - considerably higher than the thirty odd% that seems to be the national norm in PWC.

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