Sunday, 17 August 2014

South West Minileague - July

Joe Stockwell leads the way here and no wonder, with black-browed albatross under his belt! He's a full 49 points ahead of fellow Portlander Sean Foote, With Kev Rylands the filling in the Portland sandwich. Paul Bowyer lies in fourth but is a full 30 points behind Sean. Is there time for him to make a comeback? The gaps are pretty substantial at the top in this league so perhaps aside from a few changes in the numbers, this is the way this league will look in December.

Better news for Paul Bowyer in the comparative table, as he leads by a slender 3% from Dan Chaney's Falmouth patch. Sean Robson is merely an aquatic warblers rictal bristle behind Dan, with just 0.6% separating them, and then it's less than 5% to Marcus Lawson in fourth. It's really tight down south in terms of comp scores which means that we could be in store for a very exciting autumn. Bring it on!

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