Friday, 15 August 2014

Coastal Scotland Minileague - July

There are two patchers way out ahead of the rest in coastal Scotland - John Bowler and Peter Donnelly. Dan Brown lies 60 points behind Peter in third place, and is himself 23 points ahead of Steve Minton in 4th. Steve is a full 95 points behind the highest score. Being based in south Mainland Shetland you'd be unwise to bet against him racking up a fair number of points during the autumn - but is 3rd already the best he can hope for? A certain Mr Lewis lies just one point behind Steve, but as his patch is not on Shetland he doesn't stand a chance.

Great work from Chris Hill, being the first to reach 100% in this region, ahead of a chasing pack of Stephen Welch, Bryan Rains and Dave W, who are all in the 90s. It's pretty tight all the way down to 11th place so a couple of good finds could see everything change...

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