Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Coastal North Minileague - July

Tim Jones is 12 species up, but only three points ahead of Martin Garner in the Great Battle of the East Coast Headlands - with the points proximity no doubt due to Martin's Baltic gull - an excellent find, and one deemed worthy of 15 points by those in PWC towers.  Jane Turner is the Best of the West and is really mixing it up with the east coast boys. This is one minileague where a mistimed autumn holiday could spell disaster for someone...

Jane is also well placed in the comparative scores table, but it's good to see PWC Hero Alan Tilnmouth on top. With none of the comp scores anywhere near 100% in the coastal north, does this reflect the 'robustness' of the comp scores submitted, or a lack of effort this year? Without doubt the former!

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