Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Coastal North Minileague - February

The coastal north league see's three PWC newcomers fill the podium with Martin Garner leading the way from Tom Cadwallender, although Tom pips him in the amount of species recorded. Tim Jones lurks not to far back at Spurn, I'm sure waiting for a spring to match last years (Rock thrush, sprosser, collared fly etc). Ian Mills and Iain Roberts fly the flag for PWC2013'ers in 4th and 5th and the only other patches to break the 100 points.

Alan Tilmouth leads the comparative table although its a close league with no one passing the 50% mark yet, I'm sure spring will shake it up but at the moment its anyones to win!


  1. Dr Who couldn't fit Paul French's Amble to Cresswell patch into 3 sq km...I might change mine to Beadnell - Howick?

  2. You could fit Amble to Cresswell in 3km if your patch was only a metre wide! #notmuchfun

  3. Fair points chaps - 'ribbon' patches are not exactly against the rules but we will be in touch with paul to make sure it's a proper contiguous patch. Remember that the size/shape of the patch is no advantage when it comes down to comparative scores...