Saturday, 1 March 2014

Filling in the monthly forms

We haven't really explained how to fill the form in so here is a step by step with how to do it... Name and patch name should be self explanatory. Your Minileague is geographical in this instance. Whether you are inland or green or aged 11 isn't important here. Put down whichever league you were in for the January scores. If you disagree vehemently we are quite happy to move people about! Next up tick the box for NGB if you want to be considered under 25 years old. You also HAVE to be part of the NGB group - it's fine if you aren't at the moment, just join their Facebook group (open free membership for Under 25s). If we find a hairy arsed 45 year old coming to claim the week on Bardsey then you will be 're-allocated'. If you only travel to your patch/around your patch by foot or bike then you can tick the non-motorised box as well. Remember there was an amnesty if you went by car/aeroplane/motorised micro scooter in January provided you haven't since.

Now comes the tricky bits...species means how many species have you seen in total in 2014 on your patch. Not just during the month in question. The points are calculated by our spreadsheet for you. Enter the number it produces (plus Sibe Chiffchaff/non-yellow wag flava scores). This again is cumulative.

The best way to find out your Birdtrack numbers is to go to their website and explore my records filtering for your patch and 2014 and it will generate the number of records and the number of complete lists. This, like the points, is cumulative. 

The final part of the form is the only bit that is NOT cumulative. This is highlights and best finds fields. In here we want to hear about the best bits of that particular month. This info feeds into our Bresser & Forest Optic best find post and also the Birdguides monthly review.

We hope this clarifies it all for you!

Mark, Ryan & James


  1. Hi Chaps,
    Sorry if I'm being a bit dense and this has been answered elsewhere; do you get bonus find points for Sibe Chiff and non yellow flava Wag and if so how do you add those points to the spreadsheet?

    Many thanks as always for all your hard work,

  2. Help.! I've already entered my February numbers.. but not "year to date" cumulative... do you want me to re-enter or will you adjust for me this time. Alun John

  3. Is it just me, or has the score input table disappeared? The Google Patch Map is not working either. It's me, isn't it?

    1. Hi Nick, the scores forms came down this morning as entry is now closed and the deadline for updating scores was yesterday. Generally the form stays up until the Friday evening after month end. With regards the idea


  4. Ok, thanks for that info, I thought you could enter scores at any time. Never mind, I'll enter a bumper crop for March then. Still can't see the Google map though, not sure whats going on there.