Tuesday, 25 March 2014

South Coast Minileague - February

A quiet month on the South Coast with only four submissions but some decent patch birds with Chris Dennis and Andy Johnson both recording White-fronted Geese and Andy managed a rather snazzy Black Brant. Joost Brandsma managed a Water Pipit at Lower Test with Mark Lawlor getting only his second Little Gull for his patch on Guernsey. In terms of positioning the Top three remain static with Andy Johnson continuing to score big in first place at Sandy Point. Adam Faiers retains second place at Sandwich Bay and Mark Lawlor just manages to fend off Joost to hold on to third. Joost had a great February adding 11 species and 15 points meaning he climbed above Harry Ramm into fourth. Andy Rhodes managed to overhaul Neil Burt and to rub salt in Chris Dennis's first submission puts him in above Neil as well.

This smallest of comparative minileagues changes with Mark now heading the league up with 58%. Adam's score remains the same whilst Andy Johnson does his best to close the gap which remains large thanks to his monster comparative score.

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