Sunday, 23 March 2014

Ireland Minileague - February

Dave Suddaby is out in front in the Irish minileague, but only just! He's seven points ahead of Niall Keogh, but remarkably, he's 15 species behind him! There's obviously a lot of quality on offer at Blacksod as Dave's points per bird score is the highest in the whole competition at the moment! In fact, in terms of species seen, Dave's position in the league would be a much more lowly 5th - but that's what happens when you get king eiders, kumliens and ring-billed gulls, among other bonus scorers...
Eamon  O'Donnell lies in third place...

...but he lies top of the comparative points table, roughly 5 percentage points above Michael O'Donnell. I'm not sure if it's just a coincidence that there are two O'Donnells fighting it out in the comparative league - but lets hope we haven't instigated a family feud!

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