Saturday, 22 March 2014

Midlands Minileague - February

The midlands is another increasingly popular area - there are 18 new contestants/patches in this area in 2014 and it's brilliant to see 23 scores being submitted from this region! Ian Cowgill looks like he will be tough to catch for a while, being 16 species and 19 points ahead of both John Hopper at Hoveringham and Andy Mackay at Eyebrook - not often we get tied scores in the PWC! Points wise, Nick Crouch is exactly one self found pied wheatear off the pace in fourth...

Nick is doing slightly better in the comparative league being third off the top, just 3% behing Richard Harbird at Morton Bagot, who in turn is about 6% behind Dave Roberts, top of the league at Marston STW. Another victory for quality over quantity here, with some bonus points for Dave helping him to the top.

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