Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Inland East Anglia Minileague - February

Inland East Anglia is another of our most hotly contested leagues, rivalling the midlands with 23 scores submitted for February! Great to see, and on in the eye for their friends on the East Anglian coast...

Jamie Wells and Ben Lewis have both posted scores comprising over 100 species, with the top 5 all achieving more than 100 points. Jamie takes top slot being 4 species and 8 points ahead of Ben, and Ed Keeble is very much in sight in third being only 11 points behind Ben. A good find could really shake things up here...

Mark Nowers, who will be looking very dandy wandering round Stutton in his new PWC tshirt, tops the table, but only by 2% from Steve Swinney at Linford. These guys are 10% ahead of Nick Watmough at UAE, so may well be difficult to knock off the top spots. Creditable mention to Nick Moran, the BirdTrack king, in fourth place. A less creditable mention to the Maldon Posse, who are very much bringing up the rear between them! Is something more fun happening in Maldon?

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