Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Inland North Minileagues - February

Darren Starkey holds onto the top two places with his St Aidan's patch drawing level with Fairburn Ings. Andy Bunting at Martin Mere displaces Bill Aspin to move into third with Bill's beloved Brockholes patch dropping below the Gillatt's at Alkborough Flats as well. Last years winner, Jonathan Holliday, slips a place to sixth. 7th-9th are the same faces in a slightly different order and newboy Paul Massey at Grindon Lough rounds off the Top 10. Highlights were few and far between but Andy's Siberian Chiffchaff at Martin Mere is well worth a mention as was Darren Starkey's Cetti's Warbler at Fairburn Ings.

James Common moves into first place at Stobswood with 62.7% outstripping last months leader, Phil Woolen, by 0.6%. Peter Williams completes the Top 3 with a fine 57.6%. Jonathan Holliday drops out of the Top 3 despite being over 50% already on his winning score last year.

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