Thursday, 1 January 2015

Bubo Combined List

This year thanks to Forest Optics we will be supporting a worthy bird charity with a donation equivalent in pounds to the combined list of species that the competitors manage to accrue. Last year we managed over 340 species which will mean a £340+ donation to the BTO's House Martin tracking project to find out wintering areas using geolocators. We will be deciding on the charity or appeal soon but in the meantime we need your help to keep track of the number of species we have seen. We do this by keeping a list on Bubo and this has open access. The username for access is Patchwork Challenge and the password is Patching. To add a species first go to my lists, highlight the 2015 list and then go to add species or batch edit. If you find a bird new to the challenge please add to the all time list as well. You can do this by ticking the add to multiple lists option within the add species page and highlighting the life list option. Please fill in all the fields, especially when referring to rarer species including noting where you saw the bird and who the observer was in the notes. Now did anybody add anything decent today?

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