Friday, 23 January 2015

Inland North Minileague December

So we come to the final table, in what must be the most competitive of all the mini leagues. 

Whilst it was a foregone conclusion that Wayne Gillatt would take the top spot safely propped up by Darren Starkey's two patches, no one in their right mind would have predicted Jonny Holliday, or anyone else for that matter, finding a Blyth's Pipit! Not satisfied with that he then added another mega in the form of the Mirfield Thayer's Gull, when it got down for the evening in the Pugney's gull roost. With the resulting boost in points from the former and also a Red Kite Jonny leap-frogged Tom Lowe and Andy Bunting to steal 4th place.  Despite scoring the lowest PPB in the top ten (I had to get that in) Bill Aspin held onto 7th place - proving that the 310 mile round trip to twitch the Brockholes Night Heron in May, was wholly justifiable if not completely environmentally unfriendly (I also had to get that in). 

Of course for those of us who weren't Patchwork virgins in January 2014 it's the comparative scores that matter (cough cough cough).

James Common completely smashed his 2013 total achieving an impressive 130%. Of the 7 stalwarts 4 managed to beat there previous year, amazingly Jonny almost missed it! Mark Reeder narrowly missed out by just 2.4%!

A sneaky peak at the 2015 entrants suggests that the Inland North will once again be a very competitive league. Long may it reign.

Mark R

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