Saturday, 3 January 2015

Green Listing and the Cameron Bespolka Prize

As last year we have a green minileague for those birders that do their patching on foot or by bicycle. This means no travelling to patch by car! If you want to be entered for the green minileague all you need do is tick the green option on the end of the month form similar to the  end of year form currently up (this is the exact format that the submission form will take).

Equally if you are under 25 then you can join Next Generation Birders and take part in the Cameron Bespolka Prize which is awarded to the highest scoring patcher in the NGB Minileague. As with the green league to register all you need do is tick the box on the January submission form. We have had confirmed that Bardsey Bird Observatory are offering a weeks free board next year and this is likely to be for the NGB MVP as this year (still to be 100% confirmed).

We are hoping to get prizes for both green and NGB minileague top scorers - expect a post on prizes later in the month.

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