Sunday, 25 January 2015

The Birdtrack Birdrace

The Birdtrack Birdrace is changing a little this year. Complete lists are the best source of information for the BTO so the winner this year will be the person who manages to submit the most complete lists on patch to Birdtrack. I use the Birdtrack app for iPhone to do this in the field and there is also an android version of the app. Additionally you can enter the data via the website:

At the end of each month we need to know how many records and how many complete lists you have recorded for your patch. This list is cumulative i.e. your running total for 2015. Nick Moran explains how to get your details up below.

"1. Click 'Explore my records'
2. Click 'Select a year' (it will default to the current year, i.e. 2015)
3. Tick 'Locations'
4. Click 'Specific locations'
5. Shift+click your PWC sites (I have named mine with a prefix '15PC' so that they always appear at the top)
6. Click 'GO'
7. Read off totals from the top."

The Birdtrack Guru

We all use Birdtrack to give our birding some scientific meaning and to contribute to the birding and conservation communities.

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