Wednesday, 21 January 2015

South Coast Minileague - December

Congratulations to Adam Faiers at Sandwich Bay who edges out Andy Johnson at Sandy Point by a whisker. 6 points seperated them at the end as they galloped away form the competition in the south coast league. Amy Robjohns who had the Pallas's Grasshopper Warbler earlier in the year takes third.

Not many BirdTrack scores in this league so it may be something to pick up in 2015. There are many benefits to using the BirdTrack app, and it can really add to the birding experience.

Adam Faiers' great year at Sandwich was confirmed as he took the PWC2014 comparative score title with 148% comparative. Andy Johnson had his worst year in his ten years recording at Sandy Point and also suffered for a superb 2013 in which he went over 303 points. Congratulations also to Mark Lawlor on Guernsey who hit the 100% marker by the end of the year, matching precisely his score from 2013. Now that is consistency!

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