Saturday, 24 January 2015

Coastal North Minileague - December

There was nothing of note found in the Coastal North in December which means long time leader Tim Jones not only wins the minileague but also the overall points total, NGB minileague and all round good guy competition. Great job Tim and a shame that you arent able to defend SBO's honour in 2015. Tim had managed to add Blackpoll Warbler in November thanks to a bird in Mick Turtons garden. Martin Garner finishes second with a 91 point lead over third placed Jane Turner. Chris Bradshaw sneaks in ahead of Iain Robson who despite a very decent year cant quite hold onto fourth. Jack Bucknall manages to overtake his Northumbrian compatriate, Tom Cadwallender showing that sometimes youth does beat experience.

Iain wins the comparative minileague witha hefty 112% although nobody else managed to hit the 100% mark with both Jane and James coming close.

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