Wednesday, 4 September 2013

New Faces

Well, just one new face actually - we are delighted to welcome James Spencer on board the Patchwork Challenge team. James will be attempting to juggle his family life, his own blog and twitter feed and of course, his patches at St Mary's Island and Barmston with taking part in the day to day running, and further development of the PWC. James, it's been a very rewarding process for us - here's hoping it's the same for you!

One of the things James will be aiming for will be to reinvigorate our Facebook group - so if you're on Facebook come and have a look. Our twitter feed is very popular (over 800 followers) but we hope the Facebook group will give folk the chance to engage with us who aren't on twitter, or if they feel the need to say something that uses more than 140 characters!

James has also already added one more string to our bow, which hopefully he'll be along to tell you about shortly.

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