Tuesday, 24 September 2013

The Inland North - August

The Pugneys vs Orgreave battle continues with Jonny now holding a good 13 point lead over Mark, with Pete not too far off in 3rd now, partly thanks to the Stilt Sandpiper and Neumann's. Richard and Chloe May are the only other centurians so far.

The Inland North - Points
1Jonathan HollidayPugneys/Calder Wetlands13917398.85714
2Mark ReederOrgreave133160
3Pete AntrobusMarbury/Neumann's136157105.3691
4Richard and Chloe MayBurton marsh10712694.02985
5Peter WilliamsLaycock8690N/A
6George WatolaHeslington East7681106.5789
7Mark BreaksStocks Reservoir748156.84211
8James CommonStobswood7680108.1081
9=Adrian & JohnNorthwich Woodlands62680
9=Mike ShurmerLong Mynd (North)636778.82353
11Steve SealSutton Res5253
12David HorncastleDoncaster Lakeside00N/A
13Toby CollettSaltholme RSPB000
14Will JonesRuyton-XI-Towns/Wykey000
15Graham HulmeOakenclough00N/A
16Harry MurphyRSPB Saltholme00N/A
17Phil WaltonAstley Lake00N/A
18Steve SealBosley Res00N/A
19Phil WoollenBackford Cross830

The comparative table is very close here with 14% seperating James at the top and Richard and Chloe in 5th place. One big find and any of the top 5 could be leading next month!

The Inland North - Comparative
1James CommonStobswood7680108.1081
2George WatolaHeslington East7681106.5789
3Pete AntrobusMarbury/Neumann's136157105.3691
4Jonathan HollidayPugneys/Calder Wetlands13917398.85714
5Richard and Chloe MayBurton marsh10712694.02985
6Mike ShurmerLong Mynd (North)636778.82353
7Mark BreaksStocks Reservoir748156.84211
8Adrian & JohnNorthwich Woodlands62680
9Toby CollettSaltholme RSPB000
10Will JonesRuyton-XI-Towns/Wykey000
11Phil WoollenBackford Cross810

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