Wednesday, 18 September 2013

PWC is now all logo'd up!

As you may know we asked for some help from fellow PWC'ers regarding a logo for PWC. Our combined talents here at PWC HQ  are very limited so we were very grateful when several superb Logos found our in box from you guys, thanks so much for your time and effort. Below are the enteries and you can also find Jonny's excellent alternative, heavy metal influenced, logo on twitter, @PatchBirding.

So here are the contenders:

First up is a hand drawn effort by Pugneys very own Jonny Holliday. As Jonny has said Coot is bit of a marmite bird for patchers, you either have hundreds milling around or they are pure patch gold (Mega bird for Hemsby or Girdle Ness anyway!)

Sean Orford from Winterton came up with this great design of a Long-tailed Tit sillouhette. Another good bird to use for the design as the majority of patches will have a chance of recording these (maybe not outwith mainland UK).

The overall PWC leader, Moss Taylor and his son Nik came up with the next design, a very nice Magpie design. Moss chose Magpie as it will be seen in most patches and has the habit of collecting stuff, much like we are 'collecting' patch ticks for PWC. There are 12 boxes in total, representing our scoring sheets we send in for each month of the year.

After much consideration and thought about the excellent logos we finally agreed on a winner. Mark Lawler sent in the design below of a Crane. I hope you all agree with us, we liked the idea of adding a bit of colour to the logo. As far as the species goes although it will not be seen on many patches it is a species that has the potential to be seen anywher in the UK from Shetland to the South-west!

The winner!
Thanks to everyone for helping us and taking teh time to submit some truely excellent designs, as I said it is way beyond our capabilities so we are very grateful for all your help!

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