Thursday, 12 September 2013

Your help is wanted to brand PWC!

We have long been thinking about creating a logo for PWC but have failed in our attempts so far, mainly because the artistic talent between the three of us is very limited/non-existent!

This is where you guys, fellow PWC'ers could help. Are any of you artisitic and be able to help? Our ideas for the logo are pretty basic and it would be preferable if it contained the following:

  • Silhouette of a bird (that is readily identifibable from the silhouette e.g. cuckoo, swift etc)
  • PWC
  • anything else that you guys can come up with that sums up PWC

  • An original better idea that you come up with not following any of these guidelines
So there we go, the challenge is set and we would be very grateful if any of you can help us out.

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