Thursday, 17 October 2013

Inland East Anglia minileagues

Jamie Wells takes top spot in both the comparative league and the overall point league - and in terms of points he's a full self found mega in front! Ben Lewis seems to be the only one with a chance of catching him as well, being a full 33 points ahead of Ed Keeble in third place.

It looks like a similar situation at the top of the comparative league, with the top two way out in front. Can anyone catch them?

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  1. Hi Guys. Looks like a record of 10 sightings dropped through the net. With the further 11 sightings entered for October, my total at 31/10 is 142 species and 176 points. I also entered comparitive scores which seem to be missing . They are 2012 125species 159 points; 2011 103 species, 119 points. Steve Swinney, Patch: Linford Birding; Mini League: Inland EA.