Monday, 20 April 2015

Islands Minileague - March 2015

The calm before the storm in the Islands minileague with (I assume) bonus points being scored throughout April this table may already be well out of date but some of the less migrant heavy patches have made a great start to 2015. Bryan Rains' patch in the South-west of Mull is idyllic when the sun shines and while he waits for Corncrakes to return he has been doing rather well with a Ring-billed Gull in the garden which means he moves from third to first place in the comparative table. David Wood in second is only 1.5% behind and he managed a slightly commoner larid visitor with an Iceland Gull on the Oa, Islay. Last months comparative leader, Paul Higson, had a rather quieter month but he isnt far back.

John Bowler has pulled clear with a 27 point advantage already on Tiree thanks to a Bonaparte's Gull. A self-found Blue-winged Teal however fails to register points as it was on Madeira... Paul H is in second place for points while Burray Barrie is in third as the top three hold station.

Best bits away from what has already been mentioned was another Ring-billed Gull on St Mary's for John Headon. One might speculate that he may have added a rather larger visitor to his patch list over the last 7 days. Elsewhere returning white-wingers were a theme with multiple glaucs and Icelands noted.

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