Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Inland North Minileague - December 2016

David Franklin ends the year in top spot on the Inland North Comparative Minileague with 124.05% at Campsall CP and S Instoneville... one of his three (yes three!) patches in the region.

John Law takes second despite not adding any new species - a feature of the top 4 in this league. A total of 17 patches passed the 100% target with new entries from Andy Bunting, Rob Worlsford and Mike Pilsworth - the latter two saving up their totals for the December submission.  

Despite not adding any new species Bill Aspin clings on by the skin of his teeth to take the title of Cock of the Inland North in the Points Minileague. Bill was given a few sleepless nights by his arch nemesis Mark Reeder who added Bewick's Swan, Red-breasted Merganser and Merlin before realising that he'd never credited himself with 2 finders points for a Blue-headed Wagtail back in April, taking him just a point shy of Bill! John Law was moved down into third place bu Andy Bunting on the basis of Points Per Bird. John promises to make a real game of it in 2017! 

Bill was ecstatic when he heard confirmation of his achievement! 

Potentially bird of the month was a putative Brown Shrike found at Geltsdale by Adam Moan, some commentators considered it to be a juvenile Red-backed Shrike and at the time of writing the jury is still out. Other highlights included Black-throated Diver for Chris Bradshaw, Tundra Bean Goose for Mike Pilsworth and Green-winged Teal at George Dunbar's Woolston Eyes patch.

Putative Brown Shrike (c) Adam Moan
Bewick's Swans at Orgreave (c) Mark Reeder

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