Tuesday, 10 January 2017

New beginnings - please register on the new Website

As you will have seen from our last post we have a new website http://patchworkchallenge.com/index.php .

This is now replacing the blog as the scoring system and for registering your patch. If you have registered for PWC2017 on here can you now please go to the website and re register. Sorry for the duplication but the website took a wee bit longer to launch than anticipated. The previous post will help you set up.

The reason for the new website is to present the mini leagues and scores real time, so any time you add sightings everything could change instead of waiting a month to find out.

There will probably be a few glitches, please report them to us and bear with us while the website beds in but hopefully within a week or so it should be in full flow and the ever shifting positions, rarity finds will be available to see 24/7.

The blog will still be live, but we will be using this for more news related items etc and not scores


PWC admin

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