Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Midlands Minileague - December 2016

The first Yellowhammer in seven years for Tom Shields at Holme Pierrepoint helps seal his victory in the Midlands Comparative Minileague with 120.49%.

Nick Crouch didn't manage to add any new species during December and as such must settle for a very close second place. Matthew Dick added Common Gull, Merlin and Shoveler at Darley Dale, boosting his fifth place comp score by an additional 4%. However he would surely have traded these and more for the Dusky Thrush that was just a mile from his patch!

A total of 18 patchers made it into the 100% club with John Hopper the last to join after adding four points with Great Northern Diver and White-fronted Goose at Hoveringham.

Steve Nuttall is crowned King of the Midlands (well, in the Points Minileague anyway!) after Erik Ansell and Rod Baker failed to topple him. Steve added Grey Phalarope to take him three points clear of the Rutland set who are tied in joint second place after Erik closed the gap with Green-winged Teal and White-fronted Goose. Finishing in fourth, Ben Ward needed a miracle to close the 19 point gap between his humble Whisby patch and the giants of Rutland and Belvide. As previously mentioned Nick Crouch had no new additions but comfortably secured fifth place. 

Only a single 3 point species was added during the month, a Green-winged Teal at Rutland. Intriguingly a Surf Scoter there in late December failed to make it on to either patchers lists.

With close to 60 patch birders taking part in the Midlands Points Minileague in 2016, the Comparative Minileague should be even busier in 2017!

Grey Phalarope at Belvide (c) Steve Nuttall

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