Thursday, 19 January 2017

Inland Scotland Minileague - December 2016

Chris Pendlebury had a busy December, adding new species to all four of his patches in the Inland Scotland Comparative Minileague. Blairdrummond remained the only patch to break past the 100% target and as such wins the minileague title for #PWC2016 with 103.53% thanks to a Long-tailed Duck.

Other additions for Chris included a Peregrine at Dunblane, a Lesser Redpoll at Stirling and a double act of Stonechat and Kingfisher at Kinneil. Chris's Dunblane patch steals second place from Cambus where Graeme Garner takes up third place for the year, ensuring the top of the table wasn't completely dominated by one person!

Rankings were close in the Inland Scotland Minileague throughout the year, with just a percent or two separating most contestants on the table in the end. Roll on #PWC2017!

Waxwing at Dunblane (c) Chris Pendlebury

No new additions from David Douglas in December but his patch at Loch Leven remains in first place on the points minileague table at the end of the year with 130 species and 155 points.

The highest Points Per Bird score and BirdTrack stats come from Old Nisthouse where Alastair Forsyth had a productive year, his best #patchgold being a Mistle Thrush! Alastair holds on to second in the points minileague with a comfortable gap between him and third place Graeme Garner at Cambus. 

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